Friday, December 2, 2011

Louisville Tomorrow.

Starting to look forward to tomorrow.  I'm hoping to get to the race around time for the 35/3s, and stick around for as long as the weather and my memory cards allow (I seem to have lost a few, which is a huge bummer).

I won't be racing in the morning, due to a long week of A) way too much work, B) not enough riding because of A, and C) a few too many post-work drinks also because of A.  My fitness, not exactly World Cup level to begin with, has taken a beat down this week. It was a tough decision, but ultimately a good one if I'm going to stay psyched for racing.  Instead, I'll spend most of tomorrow shooting film and putting in miles.  Which is a good thing.

Anyway, stay tuned for updates at tomorrow afternoon-ish.  In the meantime, if you'll be at the races tomorrow and want me to set up and get specific shots of you on the course, let me know.