Sunday, November 13, 2011

Big Ring Cyclocross, November 12, 2011.

A few shots from the Big Ring Cyclocross race in Parker this past weekend. The course was quick, the day cool and dry - perfect conditions for a fast race. This particular series is from the Mens 45+ open race, who would have put me to shame with how they road.  I'll be posting more images from this class and the Women's Open later this week - stay tuned.
Near the end of lap 1: a steep run up with a barrier right  at the crest of the hill.  At this point, the lead group was still tightly grouped, but it wasn't long before the leader broke away.
By this point, the leader had broken away (not sure his name yet, I'll take care of that soon). 
The chase group, charging one of the run ups. 

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