Wednesday, November 23, 2011

US ProCycling Challenge, Stage 2. Pre-Race.

So I didn't get a chance to follow the USA ProCycling Challenge day three, which was a bummer given the insane finish.  I did what I could to make up for it by spending all day on Independence Pass for Stage 3.  I didn't get to check out the dirt roads of Cottonwood Pass, but Independence Pass and I have a long history of both cycling (a long story) and high anxiety (also, long story).  The day started out early (some would argue, 'stupid early') with a ride up the east side of Independence Pass, followed by a good day of talking racing with fans, twenty minutes of racing, and another twenty minutes of high speed descent in cold, cold rain.  Good times...
 Allez Snoop!  I don't know, either.  Snoop?
 Tigger.  I have pics of Tigger at every stage.  Brilliant.
 The worlds best bluegrass band over 10,000 feet.  These guys camped out over night the previous night, and had a good time doing it.

 A little more bluegrass.
 Can't get anymore Colorado than this.

 The road up to the penultimate corner.
 Lots of Schleck fans out that day.  I passed some Luxembourgers (Luxembourgans?..) on my ride up, who shouted encouragement and shared coffee.
 The summit.

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