Sunday, November 20, 2011

Castle Cross 2011.

Wow, dumb fun.  That was a great race, even if it was only race number two.  Mrs. Ghisallo Images got some great shots while I was out on the course, which was nothing short of heroic given how cold it was this morning.

Yours truly, casually talking bikes with some guy and totally oblivious about whats about to happen:
Me shortly thereafter, neck deep in the race:
I spent a lot of this race relying on old-school downhill and slalom skills, which kept me alive in sections like this.  I spent a solid 40 minutes with these guys, passing each other and thinking of the first post-race beer.
Me again, thanks to Mrs. Ghisallo Images.  She has an eye for action with the camera, and yet I still ended up in at least a few shots.  I loved this course - good descents (some old school whoops sections and nice BMX berms), dirt, run ups, all good.  I ended up in the middle of the pack, which for my second day racing on anything other than a DH or slalom bike, I count as a huge win.

But enough about my day.  I did have the chance to spend a little time shooting the 35/3s before I headed back home.  Heres a few of the better shots, and look for more Prochallenge shots and pics from next week's races.

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