Saturday, November 26, 2011

Boulder Racing Cyclocross Series: Westminster.

A few quick updates from today's race.  Today felt like a black and white day for the most part, but I've thrown in a few color shots as well.  Looking at the course, I'm glad I opted out today - those stairs looked brutal, and everyone looked pretty thrashed at the finish line.  Most of what we've got here is the 35/3s and the Mens Open.
Love these two shots, made hanging out by the stairs worth it.

The descent right after both stair sections.  Guys were railing this section, felt like watching a 4x race.

After the descent right after the stairs, the course hit a long paved stretch for maybe 400 meters.  It dropped right into a grass section with a few high speed turns that way made for awesome shots.  With all the photo crews on site today, I was shocked not to see any at this corner.

A few more shots from the race.  Tomorrow I'll be hitting the races out in Golden (no racing tomorrow) and will post a full update of pics from today and tomorrow's race.

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